The Studios

In 2002, Vicente Celi and Kraans de Lutin founded Phlexton Studios in

Although enjoying the tranquility of a typical Berlin courtyard, the
studio is in the centre of Berlin’s vibrant music scene: surrounded by
countless clubs (Lido, Magnet, Watergate, etc.), as well as other
music and media based companies such as Beatport, Native Instruments
and Universal, and a rich selection of restaurants and bars, Phlexton
has the perfect infrastructure.

Spread over 250 m² of sunlit space, are five studios, consisting of: 2
multifunctional recording rooms and project studios; the Kollegenbasis
booking office with integrated pre-production studio; the production
control room; 2 acoustically optimised recording booths and a mixing
and mastering suite.

Mixing and Mastering Suite

The last stage of any production takes place in our modern,
acoustically treated mixing and mastering suite. There are two
available UAD-Quad cards, which have been loaded with all the UAD
Plugins, meaning that any wish can be fulfilled during mixing and
mastering. Furthermore, Vovox cabling and Manger monitoring, means
that no detail can escape the client.

Production Control Room

This is where the majority of productions in Phlexton Studios take place. Here, the producer has the optimal overview to work, with eye-contact to the main live room and one of the recording booths. Electronic music productions will also benefit from this room’s acoustic treatment and installed monitoring, which facilitates a high quality premix, as well as an excellent simulation of club situations.

Furthermore, this studios archive of over a 1000 records, together with hundreds of CDs, gives a fast comparison with the complete history of Pop.

Multifunction Rooms

  • Recording Booths:

    Recording Booths:

    The two recording booths, each with eye-contact to one control room and one multifunction room, have been optimised for vocal and speech recordings, but are also great for instrumental recordings. These spacious booths’ dry acoustics and linear acoustic response leaves ones’ options open until even the post-production stage.

  • Live Room / Pre-Production Studio:

    Live Room / Pre-Production Studio:

    The largest of the recording rooms, with 30 m², offers enough space for recording a complete band or ensemble. Easy communication between musicians is guaranteed by the clear eye-contact with a recording booth and the production studio, and undesirable signal bleed is eliminated by the ability to place instrument amps in neighbouring rooms.

    When the room is not being used for recording, this room also functions as a well equipped production space, with the possibility for pre-production and recording, using the available, high-quality preamps and adjoining vocal booth.

  • Writing and Editing Room:

    Writing and Editing Room:

    The second multifunctional room of Phlexton Studios has been generously conceived. Two large, comfortable sofas, a coffee table and a view of the Spree give this room the necessary calm for discussion and an appropriate atmosphere for creative song-writing.

    A small working space for editing or pre-production can also be set up, in which high quality recordings can be achieved with eye-contact and direct access to a recording booth, and a high quality preamp.

  • Pyromusic Studio:

    Pyromusic Studio:

    The third multifunctional room is bright and has a great atmosphere for directing, editing, and pre production. Vocals and acoustic instruments have often been recorded in this studio, as well, and this room also serves as an office and communications centre for bookings and management.

Lounge & Kitchen

The central meeting point and place for discussion in Phlexton Studios is the well-appointed living area, with kitchen and lounge. The sofas, drinks machine and the fish tank make this the place to drink a strong espresso and fuel inspiration or take a break for lunch, meet about the production’s progress, or celebrate the recordings of the day with a cold beer.